At Allen & Laporte General Contracting Inc., we offer a range of general contracting services tailored to meet our clients' unique needs. Our services include general construction, design/build, and construction management.

A large building with a parking lot in front of it.


Our general construction approach is a traditional method that is effective for clients who have a complete set of drawings and specifications. It works best for simple projects without sensitive time constraints or complex designs.


Our design/build approach places us as the single point of responsibility for all aspects of project procurement. This method is ideal for clients wanting to shift responsibility for risk from procurement to the contractor and those seeking comprehensive guidance from a team of professionals.


This progressive approach sees us guiding a project from preliminary design to completion. This method works best for clients looking to reduce costs and improve team communication and coordination.


We maintain strong relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, which gives us an edge in pricing and constructing each project. We incorporate scheduling, budgeting, cost control, and quality control into every project.


Our safety principles are based on common sense. Safety is good business and starts with management. Through inspections, meetings, and training, we ensure our employees and subcontractors are informed and educated on correct safety procedures.


Our partnership with Butler Manufacturing Company, the world’s leading producer of pre-engineered metal building systems, offers cost- and time-saving advantages. We work closely with Butler’s excellent engineering and customer service departments to customize and build projects that exceed our clients' expectations.

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